Developed in 2012 by Social Point, Dragon City is a free, social media game made for mid-core players. This game, right after its inception, was ranked 2nd in Facebook’s 25 top-rated games.Also it can be hacked by using a dragon city hack tool.

Dragon City can be played on different devices like Android, Apple, Blackberry, Windows, Tabs, PCs, Desktops, and even Facebook! It can be downloaded from the android and iOS stores. Not to forget, it comes in two modes, the single-player and the multiplayer mode. Meaning you get to enjoy this exciting game with friends and loved ones.

How to play this

Dragon city hack

This game by Social Point allows players to build themselves an enchanting city that is filled with buildings, nests, and dragons! Imagine feeding, training, and teaching dragon skills, how cool is that?

You also get to own hundreds of different species dragons up to over 600! And to make the game more fun and exciting, you get to battle against, and challenge other players in the game’s leagues and tournaments to win rewards.

The question now is, How does this thrilling game work?

Since Dragon city allows players to hatch, breed, and train dragons, these dragons are the player’s best shot at getting gold, which in turn is used to purchase habitats and farms. The farms let players exchange gold for Dragon food. This, in turn, helps the Dragons level up, and the more they level up, their chances of producing more gold become higher.

At level 4, the Dragon can hatch. Not just this, the bigger your Dragon level-wise, the more powerful and stronger it is in leagues, Arenas, and Quests.

Its developers make Dragon City in a way that keeps players wanting more IE because a new level of your Dragon opens new rewards, you always want to see what the next exciting feature in store for you is. This can be seen in level 27 of your dragon’s life, where an Ancient world opens up to players, and gold can be exchanged for gems that are used to call up Ancient Dragons.

These gems, just like gold, are produced by the Ancient Dragon that was unlocked in level 27, and they cannot be acquired easily. You either get them through in-app purchases, win other players in leagues, acquire all the Dragons in the Dragon book, participate in quests and events, or you get them from leveling-up as a player.

As stated above, acquiring gems in Dragon city is quite difficult. This is why in this article, we will be looking at how to hack dragon city to enable people to play it with ease and without any hitches.


Dragon City is a game that requires you to create a habitat that is good for hatching, breeding, and nurturing your baby dragons to full-grown dragons. This means you have to be capable of providing food, water, fire, and other necessary supplements in earnest. Not to forget that there’s also the issue of acquiring new dragons, breeding, and crossbreeding dragons to get skills that are missing from your dragon family.

Doing all these requires and takes up lots of in-game currency- the gold and gems produced by the dragons. Which most of the time, they are not available or not enough for you as you have to look for ways to source for them apart from your dragons producing them once in a while. This is why the option of hacking the game is quite inviting.

For you to hack the dragon city game, you have to have owned certain hack tools, be tech-savvy, have knowledge about the intricacies of hacking games, and be smart! Most times, people are deceived and made to believe that certain virus filled sites are had the link or tools to hacking the game.

Next, we will be looking at the tools for hacking dragon city.


The tools needed for hacking Dragon City quite difficult to acquire as most times you run into sites with viruses, malware, and spyware. This is why you need to be very careful when opening sites that promise users of containing the tools that will aid users to hack dragon city games.

The first thing you need for hacking the dragon city game is a mobile device or PC. This is essential to the work you plan on carrying out. You also need to have a working internet connection. After all, how do you plan on hacking a game without one?

Lots of websites are known for offering users tools for hacking the dragon city game, and when these sites are opened, users are advised to click on certain links that may be filled with viruses and malware that could destroy users’ devices.

This is why you have to be careful when clicking on links found on websites that claim to contain tools that’ll aid you in hacking dragon city. Most times being able to make out the legit links is quite tricky. But, this can be solved.

The problem of identifying the right link as said above, can be solved. All you have to do is search for a website with lots of positive feedback from real people. But then, most times, these feedbacks and comments might be fake and tailored to attract people to click on links and websites.

Another tool for hacking Dragon City, apart from clicking links and registering on different websites, is the usage of hacking applications that are designed for Android and iOS devices to break into the game’s system to aid users modify and hack the game to whatever level suits them.

Being knowledgeable about things like this and being technology savvy is another requirement needed for hacking the dragon city game. The lack of knowledge of any kind about the intricacies of hacking game tools can be detrimental to the user. As mentioned earlier, you can lose your mobile device or PC to different malignant viruses.

We’ve looked at tools and things needed to hack dragon city. Next, we will be looking at the steps of acquiring free gems on dragon city.


Acquiring gems in the dragon city game without the hassles of breeding, feeding, and training dragons, coupled with fighting in battles, challenging your opponents in leagues, and going on quests can be fun when you think about it. Or is it the issue of having to wait and watch your dragon grow to level 27, so you can get into the ancient world of dragons and start having gems that can’t do much?

All these can be frustrating at times. This is why here, I’ll be talking about a few steps on how to hack dragon city game to get gems.

Identification of a legit tool link for hacking dragon city: This might sound off, but your ability to be able to identify the right tool link for hacking dragon city game is the first step for you to be on your way to acquiring as many gems as you want and more.

Click on the link: This sounds easy because it is. Just tap on the link, and you’ll be immediately redirected to a page.

Follow the instructions on the page: When redirected to the main page, all you need to do is to follow the instructions on the page, which is quite easy.

You’re now on the right track; the next step is quite simple.

Choose the platform you want to play on: This is pretty much the beginning. You have to put it on the platform you want to play the game on. Either on Facebook or an app in your Android or iOS device.

Input your game username: This is where you get to connect the link to your dragon city account.

As many as you want: This step has to do with inputting the number of gems you would love to have. So how do you want it? A few hundred or millions of it?

Generate gems: This is the last step; all you have to do is click generate. And all the gems start piling up in your account. So now, you’re good to go.


The most ideal and authentic approach to getting Dragon City gems is hard-work. This is because most of these links and gem generator websites that are all over the internet does not only destroy the software of your phone but also puts your gaming account in danger.

This is why I have decided to list a few genuine hacks that will help you gain gems in the dragon city game. The following are the simple rules to follow to gain gems in the dragon city game.

Spend wisely:  Learn to spend your gems wisely and not squander them in trifle issues like trying to fasten hatching, farming, decoration, and reproduction. As an option, save the gems given to you for important issues, as you might need them later.

Be committed to the game:  Make it a habit to log in daily to get several opportunities as you get to have free Dragon City Gems as a reward.

Follow them on their social media platforms:  Since your Facebook account is connected to your dragon city game account, you invariably stand a chance of getting rewarded with gems. There are also other ways to use the Dragon City social media pages to help you acquire many benefits. These benefits are;

Facebook Daily Calendar: Dragon City began a reward plan on Facebook termed the Daily Calendar. The Daily Calendar comes with all manner of rewards, including Gems, food, and gold. All you need to do is to log into your Facebook account daily and claim your reward.

You can also play the dragon city, Facebook Roulette. You never know,  you might end up winning 50 Gems, for Free!

Monday Reward Bonus: There is also a weekly Bonus on Mondays for players that are using computers. It goes like this. Each Monday, you click on the switch amongst the three buttons on your screen, close your eyes, cross your fingers, and pray you to hit big.

Here is a list of the three rewards that await you every Monday.

First Reward: When you click one of the buttons on your computer screen, the number one reward is the acquiring Elementary dragons.

Second Reward: This is your chance of acquiring 5000 Gold coins for free! How cool is that?

Third Reward: This is where you might hit big! Clicking on this switch affords you the lucky chance of acquiring 5 Gems.

Deus Daily Bonus: The Deus Daily Bonus Challenge,  is a mini-game that is played inside the dragon city game. All you need to do is to select a memory card that shows a photo to discover your reward.

Deus Daily bonus is created for players who are logged in to the Dragon City game 24/7 at a go with a computer. The game reshuffles cards randomly on board, and you have to pick one. Getting rewards is based on sheer luck. However, if you decide to try again, you might end up winning fifty Gems.

Freebie Island: The freebie island is not available for users with mobile devices, only PCs. The freebie island allows you to earn gems and gold for free. All you need to do is, watch specific video clips, take a poll, and try out beta App.

Freebie Island gives duties as well as marketing deals to players to help them earn extra gems and gold coins. You have to complete the instructions given to you while following the rules, or your chances of getting rewarded will dwindle to nothing.

Invite friends to play the game: This might sound off, but referring your friends to play dragon city game via Facebook can make you earn lots of rewards. Including gems. But for this to happen, your friends have to open accounts in the game and play it up to level 15.